Jaime Brett Treadwell | Juxtapoz

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"Shift Alt Delete: Jaime Brett Treadwell Previews New Works for Pentimenti Gallery, Philadelphia" - 'We have loved Treadwell's almost psychedelic works, which he calls adopting Op Art tenets, as well as 1980’s nostalgia, sci-fi, futurism, and digital graphics.'

Steven Baris & John Preus | Wall Street International Magazine

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"Jump Cut: 15 Sep — 27 Oct 2018 at the Pentimenti Gallery in Philadelphia, United States" and "The Emperor Stripped Bare Even: 15 Sep — 27 Oct 2018 at the Pentimenti Gallery in Philadelphia, United States" provide information and select images from each artist’s exhibition.

Steven Baris | Philadelphia Inquirer

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In the article, “Philadelphia art galleries in fall 2018: a Gee’s Bend quilter and more to see” E. Newhall writes, "Steven Baris: Jump Cut (Sept. 15-Oct. 27, Pentimenti Gallery). Colorful diagrammatic paintings that extend the artist's meditation on human-built spaces and their geometries, particularly those of exurban distribution centers."

Steven Baris & John Preus | Mapanare.us

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“Steven Baris' "Jump Cut" And John Preus' "The Emperor Stripped Bare, Even: Addenda To The Historical Record" Run September 15 To October 27, 2018 At Pentimenti Gallery (Philadelphia)” highlights both artists’ solo exhibitions.

Judy Gelles | Vasari21


Judy Gelles is featured in an article, "And now on to members in the news" highlighting her early ‘Family’ photographs that have been collected by the Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Art.

Osvaldo Romberg | METRO

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METRO lists STRICTLY COLOR | Osvaldo Romberg 1968 - 2018 as one of "15 fun things to do in Philly this weekend".

Osvaldo Romberg | Artdaily


ARTDAILY published an article "Exhibition at Pentimenti Gallery celebrates Osvaldo Romberg's 80th birthday" offering an insightful view of the exhibition STRICTLY COLOR | Osvaldo Romberg 1968 - 2018.

Hadieh Shafie | Ledger Enquirer

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The work of HADIEH SHAFIE is highlighted in the article "Q&A with Columbus Museum curator Johnathan Walz on 'Holograph: Women on Paper' exhibit" published on March 3, 2018 by the LEDGER ENQUIRER. In the article, Walz says of the work, "One of my favorites is a complex work by Iranian American artist Hadieh Shafie...".

Pentimenti Gallery | INERTIA

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Christine Pfister is featured in the INERTIA / Studio visit blog series. The article "4 Women / 4 Cities / 4 Questions" published on February 28, 2018 contains interviews with 4 women in the Arts in 4 East Coast cities, shedding some light onto their planning, programs, and the ups and downs of working behind the scenes.

Osvaldo Romberg | Philadelphia Inquirer

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The Philadelphia Inquirer highlights Osvaldo Romberg's upcoming exhibition at Pentimenti Gallery in their Philadelphia art galleries spring 2018 overview. The exhibition will be on display from May 19 - June 30, 2018 and is concurrent with his exhibition at the Philadelphia Museum of Art from May 25 to September 30, 2018.

Cross-Sectional Views | Philadelphia Inquirer

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An article written by Edith Newhall of the PHILADELPHIA INQUIRER You're in luck: 11 extra days for three-artist show reviews the work of Michelle Benoit, Vicki Sher, and Erik Spehn featured in the group exhibition "Cross-Sectional Views".

Pentimenti Gallery | Artnet


Pentimenti Gallery was listed among three select galleries as a featured exhibitor during PULSE Miami Beach 2017 by ARTNET. Along with this feature is a spotlight on represented artist Ted Larsen.

Pentimenti Gallery | Mapanare.us

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An article Pentimenti Gallery Showing 4 Artists at Pulse Miami Beach is featured in Mapanare.us (Constantly. Consuming. Culture.) highlighting Pentimenti Gallery's representation at PULSE Miami Beach Contemporary Art Fair.

Pentimenti Gallery | Global Geneva

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GLOBAL GENEVA (Compelling Journalism, Ideas and Lifestyles) published the article Letter from Philadelphia: A Swiss Makes Artistic Splash in the City of Brotherly Love. America editor, William Dowell, explores the extraordinary role of Christine Pfister, who is helping to change the city’s global artistic profile.

The Enduring Reasons Why: Celebrating 25 | Philadelphia Inquirer

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The article 15 top-flight gallery shows to see in Philly this fall published by Edith Newhall for the PHILADELPHIA INQUIRER lists Pentimenti Gallery’s exhibition, The Enduring Reasons Why: Celebrating 25, as one of the 15 best gallery shows to see in Philadelphia this fall.

The Enduring Reasons Why: Celebrating 25 | Artsphoria

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THE ENDURING REASONS WHY: Q&A With Christine Pfister About Pentimenti Gallery’s 25th Anniversary was published August 25, 2017 by Artsphoria Magazine. This article, written by Andrea Hammer, features an insightful Q&A along with an overview of the 25th anniversary exhibition.

The Enduring Reasons Why: Celebrating 25 | Mapanare.us

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Mapanare.us in Miami published the article Pentimenti Gallery celebrates 25 years in Philadelphia. They say of the exhibition, “This is more than a show— it is an expression of gratitude to everyone involved in the gallery’s success and longevity.”