Before becoming a sculpture in urethane cast resin, I was conceived and written as poetry in English, expressing philosophy and logic, and about life: feelings, love,  death, war, struggle, freedom–and colorful possibilities about a nascent future. But now, I am also given a visible form with transparency and translucency, representing my lucid thinking, juxtaposed with my own essence–my poetic words–morphed into lines, curves and shapes. My colors that I draw from the iris of human eye–or teardrops falling from them–speak to the eyes of my viewers. I am aesthetically dynamic. I move from one form to another back and forth—from poetic to visual. Although, my visual language does not follow rules of grammar, I still remain true to my very existence: I am language and I am expressive; conceptually and visually.

Simeen Farhat has exhibited nationally and internationally, including recent shows in the National Art Gallery, Islamabad, Pakistan; Sharjah Museum of Modern Art, UAE; Watermill Center, Hamptons, USA; American Center, New Delhi, India; VOLTA NY, New York, USA; La Fontaine Contemporary Art Center, Bahrain; Contemporary Istanbul, Turkey; and more.  Farhat is also the recipient of numerous awards and honors including the Oryx Foundation Artists in Residence, Switzerland; the Xerxes Artist Residency, Hampshire, UK; Prix Arte / Slick, Paris, France and the Clay Fellowship Residency, Rosendale, NY.